Characteristics Of Cedar Outdoor Furniture

Benefits Of Cedar Outdoor Furniture

Apart from its tone and grain, this durable hardwood has another special quality – it emits a peculiar aroma. This smell particular to cedar wood and evident in all products made from it, is not only an aromatic woody fragrance but also has another use. It acts as a natural insect repellant. This quality itself makes it a popular choice for outdoor furniture.

For those who appreciate the outdoors and enjoy the freshness of the evenings, the cedar outdoor furniture has twin benefits – great smelling furniture that also repels insects. Cedar outdoor furniture does not split and crack as long as it is kiln dried properly. Ideally, one should not buy cedar wood if it has knots or cracks as these may lead to the decay or rotting of the furniture.

Caring For Your Cedar Outdoor Furniture

Though cedar wood makes ideal outdoor furniture, some care is required to be taken to prevent undue damage. This is particularly required if there is threat of exposure to rain or snow. Thus, in the winters, it is recommended that cedar outdoor furniture be placed either indoors or under some kind of shelter. Exposure to the sun results in fading of its natural color, which should be expected.

It is believed that the aromatic natural oils of this hardwood have water repellent qualities too. However, to be on the safe side, prolonged exposure to rain – moderate or heavy should be avoided.

Though the sun does not affect Cedar Outdoor furniture too much, it is advisable to use some precautions to prolong the life of your prized possession. Storing the furniture indoors during extreme climate – during heavy rainfall and cold winters is recommended. Sanding the furniture may be required to clear the pieces of any rough spots or splinters after such storage.

While in use, outdoor furniture covers can be used to keep the pieces from being damaged though these should be regularly removed and the furniture checked for mold and mildew. With care and careful maintenance, your Cedar Outdoor Furniture will always look and smell brand new.

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